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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Another Strange Discovery in the Online Statens Arkiver

Ah, Slangerup! How many times have I wandered your streets in my imagination? I have traversed the byways and entered the church doors, looking for Gerda's mother, her brothers and her grandparents. I have found some of them.

I often return to the kirkeboger to peruse the pages where I have searched before, in the vain hope that I have missed something, or someone.  I may have been tired before and my eyes might have been blurry, or I had a headache and the elusive Danes of days gone by have slipped from my grasp. I am not reluctant to revisit those well-traveled rows of dates and names and life-events.

On these returns, I am increasingly surprised by the odd and anachronistic things that sometimes pop up in the most unusual of places.  The other day, I was hopping and scrolling through the 1880s at Slangerup (waiting for those little red boxes to turn green, for "go"), when suddenly, my eyes were met with the image above.

Obviously, this is a church bulletin for the parish in Slangerup, but you will notice that is dated 1971!
It is strange that the bulletin is a little over 100 years beyond the dates in the kirkebog, but how and why did it come to be there?  Does this mean that the person who scanned the original register, slipped a current bulletin into the book? To what purpose? Could someone doing research in 1971, have left it in by accident? How could the scanner have not noticed this? Why was it scanned at all?

Perhaps someone Danish out there, can translate the church bulletin and let me know if there is anything that pertains to the Slangerup archive.

It's these little mysteries, along with the family mysteries that just keep things interesting.

Of course, the person whose relative(s) happen to be on this page are definitely out of luck! Fortunately for me, I was just en route to another date, so it wasn't one of the pages I needed.

I wonder what I'll discover next?

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Hands of Time

Photo snipped by Kat Mortensen 10/10/14

While searching through the indexed online archives of Denmark, I happened upon this more recent contribution to the effort. I'd love to know who belongs to this hand and when the photocopy was taken.
Funny the things you come across in genealogical research. I can't imagine anyone thinking that this pursuit is dull, can you?
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